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Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation

Gone Fishing Day 2022

Gone Fishing Day 2022


Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation is encouraging the Australian public to change up their fishing this Gone Fishing Day, set to celebrate fishing across Australia on Sunday 9th October 2022. 

Fishing is about experiences – the sense of adventure, exhilaration, and freedom that comes from being in and around Australia’s incredible array of waterways. Over time, we will come to have our favourite fishing spot or technique that we return to time after time.  

However, nothing can beat the excitement that comes with new experiences. Whether it be exploring new rivers, lakes or stretches of coast for the first time or chasing a new target species. It’s the journey to the unknown, full of anticipation, that keeps us coming back. 

For those fresh to fishing, the sense of new experiences comes every time you look over your rod and tackle for those first trips. For experienced anglers, the sense of new experiences come with challenging your routine. Consider yourself a freshwater angler? Try a trip to the salt? Like to target fish on fly? Consider a spin reel. Love fishing in rivers and creeks? Swap it out for a trip to the beach with the surf tackle in hand. 

Make this year, the year that you challenge yourself to broaden your horizons and explore a new part of the wonderful world of fishing and waterways we have here in Australia. For further information, please email

To spread the word about Gone Fishing Day 2022, download the promotional assets so you can share this great day with the people around you.

Gone Fishing Day 2022 – Promotional Assets


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